Here are tips for flu prevention and treatment:


  1. Ommmm… Keep stress to a minimum.  This includes not stressing that you may get the flu. Worry and anxiety weaken the immune system, so keep your thoughts positive!
  2. Yummmm… Eat nourishing food.  This means limiting sugar, refined foods, and alcohol which can all impede the immune system and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  3. Boost... Your in-take Vit C (1000mg per day) and Vit D (1000 iu per day). These are general recommendations.
  4. Zzzzzz… Get plenty of rest.
  5. Bend and stretch reach for the stars… Exercise is essential for good health.
  6. Lather rinse repeat…Wash your hands frequently, especially before you eat or if you are in contact with infected people.
  7. Mother (Nature) Knows Best…  Herbs such as elderberry (black elder), astraglus, and echinacea  support immune function.


If you or a family member comes down with the flu, here are the top remedies to consider:


Oscillococinum– this is the remedy to take at the very first sign of the flu. According to Boiron, “This remedy is the #1 non-prescription flu medicine in France. Clinical research gathered over the last 50 years has shown that 60% of patients showed clear improvement within 48 hours of taking this remedy.”


Bryonia alba- this remedy is fitting when all the aches and pains of the flu are worse from movement, even slight movement. The pain of a cough may be so bad they want to hold their chest when they cough. They might be irritable and not want to answer questions or talk. They tend to want to want to be left alone.


Gelsemium Sempervirans- this remedy is a good choice when there is great weakness accompanying the flu. The person is droopy, drowsy, they feel very dull and can’t think. They may have chills that run up and down their back. If they have a headache it may have started at the base of the skull and radiated to their forehead. A curious note is that the headache may feel better after they urinate.


Eupatorium Perfoliatum- the main indicator for this remedy is aching bones. The person may say that their legs or back hurt so much “it feels as if my bones are broken”. If there is cough it is usually raw and painful.


Rhus Toxicodendron– this remedy is a good choice when there is great muscle pain and stiffness with restlessness and changing of positions trying to get comfortable.


If you would like information about flu vaccines, visit the National Vaccine information Center:


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